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    Our mission is to work with you to foster self-organized and engaged teams led by inspiring leaders. We work with team members and leaders in organizations to increase collaboration, have meaningful conversations and tap into their full leadership potential.Learn More
  • Unleash your leadership

    Are you a leader struggling with your leadership in the new multi-generational workplace? We work with leaders to help them become more aware of the impact of their personal leadership styles and to help them become more intentional and collaborative leaders.Learn More
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    Are you struggling to create lasting change in your organization? We work with organizations to widen the perspectives of their employees and help them build capacity to help nurture sustainable change.Learn More
  • Begin where you are

    There is no one size fits all solution to adopting Lean and Agile software development practices. Our approach meets you and your organization where you are currently at and we create the next steps towards your desired future together.Learn More
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Are you yearning to bring your leadership to the next level? Do your teams need to raise their game?

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About Steffan

My name is Steffan Surdek and I have always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. I am a much in demand leadership development coach and corporate trainer based in Montreal.

As a widely recognized principal consultant, my work has a strong business impact, helping reshape business cultures and guiding them in becoming more collaborative and efficient.

I believe that connecting with people at a personal level is the key that allows me to contribute to a greater cause and consistently make a real and sustainable difference with my clients both in their professional and personal lives.

I am often asked to speak at global conferences about the power of co-creative leadership and leveraging the power of teams. My passionate and dynamic storytelling style engages audiences and makes the learning stick. I also write about authentic and co-creative leadership for many different business web sites.


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What Our Customers Said

  • Steffan shows great leadership and puts into practice what he teaches. He always listened to me attentively and his actions made me feel like a partner and not just another customer.Fran├žois GagnonDirector Project Management, Kontron
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Latest From the Blog

Leadership Unleashed Podcast: Agile Leadership for Teams

Written by Steffan Surdek  /  Published on Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Steffan Surdek, an organizational coach with Pyxis Technologies, teaches teams to adopt an Agile approach to their workflow. He is the agility master and his focus is on building collaborative teams in software development.

Steffan shares his own pitfalls as a leader and consultant along with his favorite experiential exercises. Listen to hear how to create a safe place to experiment and make mistakes. He helps you learn how to come from a place of non-judgement. They discuss Agile philosophies and the difficulties consultants often face when coaching client organizations to confront their own resistance to change.

Listen Here

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